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"Megan Van De Hey offers a caustic surface covering warmth and wounds.  She can castrate with a word, and when Van De Hey expels the last roar of a dying lioness on The Ladies Who Lunch, you can hear the audience exhale its tension at the end."

                                  -Lisa Bornstein

                                  Rocky Mountain News

Grey Gardens:

"Tour de Force is an almost cliché way of describing Van De Hey's performance, so necessarily epic in scope it threatens to dwarf all those around her.  It's a little bit Scarlett O'Hara and a lot Norma Desmond, sung with remarkable vocal and emotional range."

                                     -John Moore

                                     Denver Post


"But the heart  of this show beats in Megan Van De Hey as the dignified mother who discovers, 70 years before Gloria Steinem, the power of the American matriarch.  Van De Hey starts from a harder place than one might expect, which makes her journey towards independence and greater humanity far more interesting.  When she sings "Back To Before," she's not singing for one woman, but  for a nation of them."


                                                -John Moore

                                                Denver Post

Tell Me On A Sunday

"Not only is Van De Hey's vocal purity evident, her gift for comedic and dramatic turns-sometimes within a single phrase-is on display."

"It takes a performer with great range to carry in both vocal and acting chops to carry off these uninterrupted 70 minutes."

                                               -Joanne Ostrow

                                               Denver Post

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